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Eliminating the thought of failure

Today, July 26th, marks an anniversary in one small, but powerful, nation's history where one "failure" did not deter change. How often do we come face to face with a limitation or a barrier and believe we have come tot he end of the line? But let me rephrase. How often are we given an... Continue Reading →

Thoughts on The Movement

Through the day to day and the interactions with the like-minded and those with staunch opposition to change I have thoughts on the approach to the ongoing interactions. Speak with peaceful purpose Breathe through the judgment Inhale the knowledge Exhale the discomfort Clear your mind of confusion with each breath Leave your mind open to... Continue Reading →

“Those Who Believe”

This is a new piece I worked on for a while and am performing this weekend for the first time. It is titled: Those Who Believe. The second is unfinished, but I want it out there now in honor of Black August, G. Jackson, and those who are silenced daily for their beliefs. Please do something extraordinary each day.

Experiencing Another Person’s Reality

"This is 'living', immersed in a complex array of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors as witness and agent. Open, curious, questioning, and feeling always with hope I continue to step forward. With a non-judgmental position, I find myself accepting behaviors, which might otherwise have shocked or appalled me or another person. However, they do not." I take a moment to reflect on what I see and hear and the impact it has on my life and work. Too short but profound.

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