Eliminating the thought of failure

Today, July 26th, marks an anniversary in one small, but powerful, nation’s history where one “failure” did not deter change.

How often do we come face to face with a limitation or a barrier and believe we have come tot he end of the line? But let me rephrase. How often are we given an opportunity to change and succeed in a new way? Gifted the opportunity to see our lives as agents of change and not victims of it? In truth, with every breath.

The path we have chosen seems winding, cold, and rocky. Alas, this is the path we chose, but remember you have choice. “In the path of our happiness shall we find the learning for which we have chosen this lifetime” (Richard Bach- Illusions).

From the depths of our hearts

we reach skyward

with a true understanding and joy

in each other’s exchange and growth.

We are through

building caskets for our children,

the only profits being those generated

on death and other’s misfortune.

The power we provide

will no longer be to fools and manipulators,

but to Truth and Love.

The time has come for the balances

to be settled and accounted for.

ALL is one and one is all

So the aged and the youth shall be empowered

to the continuous possibility of life,

to be held as equals in their perfection and

In these struggles as they arrive and fade

We can care for our neighbor,

and walk our many paths.

Today we remember the flower. It does not question its existence, its beauty or its journey skyward to the sun. Nor does it question its dance of its color and fragrance. This is all it knows. Under The most ideal conditions it is only limited by a lack of imagination, never a lack of hope. The flower knows the sun will come after the dark night.

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