The touch screen eliminated the handshake and a hug!


You signed up for facebook when you came out of the womb

You are here for life


Its not a life online.

Profile views are daily when you step out the door

No user agreements

No third party participants

You don’t need anyone to like your life but you.

Friends come for lunch,

Call you when they miss you,

And bring flowers to dinner invitations.

There is no option to ignore a friend request.

It is addressed as soon as possible!

Because friends are meaningful:

Friends are personally responsible for

Hugs and kisses

A game of catch.

Our interests are shared, together, in a team…

With love.

Anyone poking you

Will truly have a carnal knowledge of you,

Know your mother’s name,

And if you are ticklish.

You want someone to help you with your farm:

Ask for seeds.

Refund in crops.

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