Informed Consent

Thanks for stopping by for a little dose of Revolutionary Stew. Hope that you find the content filling. I do not promise to make sense, use words correctly or abide by the rules of grammar. I do promise to give you the best of me knowing that the best can change depending on the weather.

Please Check “The fresh meals” for the most recent posts. This is a dynamic process so your thoughts and comments are welcome. Do not be a Voyeur on the gift of life, participate actively. Your thoughts create your world so…share them. Take good care of yourselves and those around you.

Enjoy .

5 thoughts on “Informed Consent

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  1. There are no accidents in consciousness, and our meeting is for the greater good, and not to entertain one another. The living affirmation is upon us with gaps or interruptions. We are given this power to forward the movement of love. Bless, Freddy

  2. Hello there John. I’ve come for a little SLO visit and was thinking of you. May your thoughts treat you kindly and let you be. Hold tight to your idealism in the face of darkness. Love.

  3. Hello, John! I hope you’ve made it safely to your new home and find yourself comfortable there! It was a blast meeting you both in the Blues City :). Well wishes!

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