Going Back to the Future

Going back to the future,

But my time machine is American Airlines flight 2046 through Dallas Fort Worth to Bradley International.

On to see what awaits me in the years to come,

The grey hairs, the aching bones the arthritic hands,

The hugs and kisses,

Smiles and surprise,

At how far we have come,

How much further we may have yet to go.

I am already balding,

Shave my head to keep myself

From having to take care of another part of my body thats given up on growing or healing quickly.

My mind still,

Moves at a pace quicker than my heart can keep up with.

I will soon stop at a place where I will leave a wheeled box that has carried me thousands of miles over the course of the last year,

Only to board another box that will carry me thousands of miles to place that I lived many years, where I hoped not to die.

Traveling back to the future, but not Marty Mcflying,

Just back to my childhood home to the family reunion.

Another place and time to decide, which course to take.

I am 9holes deep in this life, all of which I have dug with shovels of dissatisfaction, worry, grief, hope and fear.

6yrs ago last week I was flying east,

My past life packed in car parked in a california field to become an Air BnB for mice.

The rest of me stowed in a backpack I would live out of for 9months while wandering the globe.

8 countries crossed and more to come.

Oh what dreams have come,

But Patch Adams is dead.

Mom is dead, Mr. B is dead and I am back in prison.

What is good about what comes next is yet to be decided, it is to be continued…

Going Back to the Future.

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