“Those Who Believe”

We believe to live in peace

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

Military minded, small minded

The street is one big land mine

Students act in kind

Taught the repetitive lies

The ‘white’ kind

To live in peace

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

All in the line of sight

Are those who fight for equal rights

Even waving white flags

You may end up in body bags

It’s no shame to live in fear

Cause, last time I checked-

Revolutionaries are killed or jailed every year

Cause to live in peace

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

It’s Far too much for most to bear

So, Blinders and ear buds is what they wear

When eyes meet for some connection

It’s lost in some distraction

Screens or sex

Fashion or what trend or high is next

When the sleep walkers make a move outside the house

The federal witch doctors turn them out to

To live in peace

Shoot to kill

Shoot to kill

All will be awakened by the shouts of the unjustly imprisoned

All shades put away for political reasons

Mumia today, maybe you or me tomorrow

Look at Black August and then choose who to follow

Those who spread democracy, war and devastation

Or the community leaders battling malnutrition

Cause to live in peace

I have the will

You must have the will……


Sitting in on a Friday night.

Feeling this Black August and its all right.

Trying to get my head light.

Weight down by the hysterics at night

All things as promised,

All things delivered,

Lord raise me up, for you deliver us

But this life is evil.

Left insane by the real,

A crystal blue sensation

A crystal clear perception

The Magnificence

Satisfied by the raw deliverance

I finally see what the sinners get

Leaves me incensed

Baptized by the waters

The dirt and lawlessness

In far too many ways its what we all get.

Can’t even make an allowance

The law is sacrificed for the

Wages of the lawless

The owners and pawners

Imagine what they call us

From the steps of their palace

Looking down with malice

I’ll be better by thrice,

I’m celebrating Black August tonight.

And it’s ALL right!

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